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Minimal. Clear messaging.

Want to make the perfect pitch? 

Speed & Confidentiality

Flexibility & Revisions

Collaborative Mindset

Creating a pitch deck

With the Right Pitch, Great Things Can Happen

8 out of 10 Pitch decks fail to impress VCs and customers because they lack clear messaging and clean aesthetics? We noticed that most of our customers overload text and do not have a clear flow of thought in presentations.


Well, WORRY NO MORE we are here to clean it up. We will work with your presentation like its our own and you will achieve the outcomes you desire be it funding or getting more customers. Lets work together to Make Your Pitch.

What We Offer

A good pitch involves only a few key elements. A good illustrative approach with less text and clear messaging. Also, it's very easy to be biased and emotionally connected to your pitch, hence we provide a third-party view of each presentation and factor psychological theories into a PPT thus making it easy for viewers to understand your pitch. At the end of the day, we want you to be pitch perfect. 

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Workflows That Work

Every presentation should have information that flows smoothly. A general mistake we see is that presentations are dumped with information and text instead of pictures. We make sure we tap into the psychology of the viewer by using pictorial representations of what you want to communicate.

research and market survey for your pitch

Market Research and Verification

We have a very strong market research team with almost 8 years experience in collecting and verifying information. While most founders are naturally biased towards the information they add into a presentation, we make a difference by verifying this with our own market survey.

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Competitor Analysis & Review

Analyzing your competition and standing out from them with your design and marketing strategy is essential for your Go-to-market. We research your competition with our expert team of SEO, affiliate and design marketeers who will make sure that you know the facts which go into your presentation. Honestly wins always. 

copy writing and support for your pitch

Support for pitching

We help you frame the words that you need to mention during your pitch. We do not just make your presentation but we also have a panel of VCs that we test your pitch. Further, for sales conversions, we use a special AI to analyze your pitch apart from the sales expert review, thus leaving no stone unturned

make amazig pitch deck

Built for Founders,
by Venture Capitalists

Our founders are artists and venture capitalists and they have experience of working with multiple start ups. Having worked with them from the growth to market stage, we truly take a simple yet multidisciplinary approach to solving problems. The main goal is to understand both business and art. 


Source file support

Mix Business and Art

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

We have worked in industries ranging from healthcare to agriculture. Most of the below companies have been funded as a result of our presentation and market research work. We promise to deliver on results beyond just a pitch deck.

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What Our Clients Say

“The bridge between brief and a final pitch always felt long and winding for me till I met with Pk and team. The way they are able to simply understand what I want to achieve and deliver beautiful presentations that have a high impact is just mind-blowing.”

Mohd. Hannay,

“I’m a farmer from Kanakpura and I have been working on building a company to help farmers. Meeting the team at MakeMyPitch dramatically helped me with not just making a brilliant pitch deck but also trained me on pitching and interacting with investors and customers too. Their attention to detail and depth of research is what really sets me apart from the rest.”

Ajay Gopi, Hasiruaqua

“Healthcare is a tough industry, especially because of all the jargon and complexity of concepts. This gets even more complicated when you’re building an innovative product that requires customer as well as investor education. MakeMyPitch has been my go-to since I began my entrepreneurial journey, they can take extremely complicated concepts and simplify it so my 5-year-old niece can understand it.”

Dr Arvind,
MUSE Diagnostics